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Horse MacGyver is the nonsense moniker of media artist, sound designer, and musician Timothy Dwyer.

Rewiring the expansive nest of electronic music’s form and function through multi era-bridging hardware rigs, Dwyer has had his compositional works described by The Wire magazine as "a missing link between a certain 1990's tendency and the present. It channels the hyperactive playfulness of producers like Luke Vibert and Squarepusher in all their sleepy but sleep-deprived delirium... But Dwyer updates it with the no less twitchy pathology evident in current producers..."

Beginning in Canberra’s divergent house party culture and partially within whatever the words ‘witch house’ came to mean, his decade-long evolution as a musician has seemingly navigated beyond trends or genre whilst being a constant light speed processing of them. With works released on labels such as !K7 (GER), Disaro (USA), No Patience Records, Nice Music, and Moontown Tapes, his recordings, performances and live video works exist as an alchemical wash of rupture and play.

Throughout his career he has shared stages with an incongruous array of blown minds and festivals including events such as VIVID live, Dark MOFO, Electrofringe, Other Film Festival (Liquid Architecture), Underbelly Arts Festival, as well as artists Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham), Jannah Quill, Gabber Modus Operandi, Sun Araw, Senyawa, Lucy Cliché, Ratatat, Low Life, and Ove Naxx, to name a few. Whilst an unhinged menace hovers at the edge of his media works and compositions, there is still an articulate, emotive and ultimately playful core powering the twisted rhythmic figures and melodies found within Horse MacGyver's output.