created for the group show



55 Sydenham Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 AU

Curated by Tom Smith

Timothy D  No Archive Necessary  2016

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No Archive Will Survive

"Video games are the first stage in a plan for machines to aid humans, the only plan that holds out a future for intelligence. For now, the overriding philosophy of our times is contained in Pac-Man. Sacrificing my coins to it, I didn't realise it would conquer the world. Being a perfect metaphor for the human condition, perhaps it defines the balance between individual and environment. Warning us that, although we win renown with our victories, it will always end badly." - Chris Marker, Sans Soleil

No Archive Necessary was an installation that featured a feedback loop of myself and the gallery in an interactive weave. The artist (myself), the instruments to deliver the work, and the gallery (55 Sydenham) were made into the subject of the installation through a collection of rudimentary 3D scans and models, chroma key video, texture maps and found objects that were placed within a point and click game architecture of my own design.

As a reflection on digital materiality, No Archive Necessary plays upon the balance between individual and environment in an entertaining, yet critical fashion. 

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