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55 Sydenham Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 AU

Curated by Tom Smith

Timothy D  No Archive Necessary  2016

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No Archive Will Survive

"Video games are the first stage in a plan for machines to aid humans, the only plan that holds out a future for intelligence. For now, the overriding philosophy of our times is contained in Pac-Man. Sacrificing my coins to it, I didn't realise it would conquer the world. Being a perfect metaphor for the human condition, perhaps it defines the balance between individual and environment. Warning us that, although we win renown with our victories, it will always end badly." - Chris Marker, Sans Soleil

No Archive Necessary was an installation that featured a feedback loop of myself and the gallery in an interactive weave. The artist, the instruments to deliver the work, and the gallery (55 Sydenham) were made into the subject of the installation through a collection of rudimentary 3D scans and models, chroma key video, texture maps and found objects that were placed within a point and click game architecture of my own design.

As a reflection on digital materiality, No Archive Necessary plays upon the balance between individual and environment in a manner that could be considered entertaining but fails in it's UX. As we are now entering the proposed epoch of the Anthropocene, the detritus of our collective efforts (whether physical or virtual) can be considered largely unintelligible to any given individual due to the sheer volume and scale of what we have created. Thinking about the Anthropocene, what is to remain of the present is never defined by us as individuals, but rather, the seemingly incoherent and immense amount of debris (both irl and online) that will carry little to no meaning to the outsider. Like post apocalyptic Alzheimer's patients, we can still exist (and survive) one day to the next in an impossibly large and decaying environment, that is both simultaneously real and virtual, without an extended memory of the day before. We participate in events globally through social media, whilst walking on decrepit side walks, kicking through the garbage of the everyday. We swallow images, video, and text whole as they endlessly stream and replace themselves. This immeasurable amount of data can be seen as a force for posterity, as an archive of our collective achievements, failures and trivialities. However, digital media is a highly volatile platform, one that is open to attack and decay. Images, video, and text can be auto-generated, face swapped, pushed beyond the uncanny valley and bend "truth" itself. Whilst the ever expanding archive of our time, the server farm, continues to drive the air-conditioning industry, it is in this epoch, new histories can and will be manufactured. It is from here that not only will the moving image be understood as flawed, but that text itself, will no longer be admissible as evidence of the past. In this work, we have no idea of what we were, what we will become, what room we are in.  No archive will be necessary. 

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