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Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity.

Timothy Dwyer


Art space and installation as playable game. 

No Archive Necessary was an installation created in 2016. The work featured a feedback loop of myself and the gallery in an interactive weave. The artist, the instruments to deliver the work, and the gallery (55 Sydenham) were made into the subject of the installation through a collection of rudimentary 3D scans and models, chroma key video, texture maps and found objects that were placed within a point and click game architecture of my own design.

The thematic concerns of the work were centred around the Anthropocene and digital materiality. Digital media is a highly volatile platform, one that is open to attack and decay... In this work, the idea was that not only is the moving image to be understood as flawed, but that text itself can no longer be admissible as evidence of the past. In this work, we have no idea of what we were, what we will become, what room we are in... No archive will be necessary. 

More about this work can be found here: no-archive-necessary


Music video created for Lucy Cliché's Passing Time. Released through Noise In My Head - AU. 2015.

The video contains live action and animated material that moves and distorts in time with the track. In keeping with the theme of the composition, I wanted to create a work that was drenched in the inevitability of decay and the passage of time whilst keeping the artist herself in the picture. It also features the sampled image of one of the oldest known portraits of a woman, a 26,000 year old 4.8cm mammoth ivory carving. 


Music video created for Lost Animal song Do The Jerk. Released through Remote Control Records - AU. 2016.

This particular video followed some loose inspiration from Peter Campus' video work Three Transitions.

It was created using After Effects.


Video created for Sydney/Berlin based techno outfit Gardland. Released through RVNG Intl. - USA. 2014.

This video features abstracted animated scenes that bend into a disorientated live action sequence.


A video work created in early 2013 for Zonk Vision's Submerging Artist's Tour.

The work itself was a tongue in cheek look at non linear editing techniques and the divisions of high and low media culture. 

Contains strobing effects and material that some may find offensive. Looking at it now, there are some aspects to the work that I find immature, particularly the inclusion of the toilet graffiti.