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Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity.

Timothy Dwyer


Music video created for Brussels based electronic music duo Different Fountains. Released through DFE records - BE. 2015.

The video was created using a range of hardware and software. This included the Edirol V4, Unity, Quartz Composer and Final Cut Pro 7.


An abstract animated work created to accompany some original compositions that I recorded with a friend in 2014.


Video created for the exhibition VIDEO : MUSIC.

It contains another broad mix of live action video, sampled material and abstract animation. It carries familiar themes found in my work such as digital materiality and rupture.


ZV Live (Zonk Vision Live) was an interactive A/V installation and endurance performance by the artist run collective "Zonk Vision." It was created as a part of Underbelly Arts Festival on Sydney's Cockatoo Island in 2013.

 ZV Live was an immersive installation created over a two week "lab" period during which the creative process would unfold to touring members of the public and press. Throughout this lab period various videos, animations, a mock TV studio, stage, cinema, projections and artworks were devised, mapped, created and installed. The result was a live, interactive, improvised endurance performance piece that ran non-stop over the two day festival. The public attending the festival were made a part of the work through their observation and interaction with the various art installations, microphones and live camera feeds. The site became a wobbly audio/visual mix of playground, gallery, rave, experimental film festival and happening... Zonk Vision.

~ Artists involved ~

Timothy Dwyer,Danny Wild, Jason Galea, Greg Holden, Ben Jones and Luke Penders.


Music video created this year for darkwave act V.

Track entitled BLOOD. Released through DERO ARCADE records - AU. late 2018.

The video is complete but yet to be released by the record label so I can only provide stills. The composition was cold-wave /industrial and very much about the singer, so I chose to focus mainly on her performance. I layered feedback animations and abstracted displacement maps to accentuate the dystopian mood of the song.