Underbelly Arts Festival


Cockatoo Island, Sydney 3 - 4 August 2013


"ZV Live" (Zonk Vision Live) was an interactive A/V installation and endurance performance by the artist run collective "Zonk Vision." It was created as a part of Underbelly Arts Festival on Sydney's Cockatoo Island in 2013.


"ZV Live" was an immersive installation created over a two week "lab" period during which the creative process would unfold to touring members of the public and press. Throughout this lab period various videos, a mock TV studio, stage, cinema, projections and artworks  were devised, mapped, created and installed. The result was a live, interactive, improvised endurance performance piece that ran non-stop over the two day festival. The public attending the festival were made a part of the work through their observation and interaction with the various art installations, microphones and live camera feeds. The site became a wobbly audio/visual mix of playground, gallery, rave, experimental film festival and happening... Zonk Vision.


~ Artists involved ~

Danny Wild, Jason Galea, Greg Holden, Tim Dwyer, Ben Jones and Luke Penders.


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